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Newsletter September 2019


In this issue: EMSA makes data on marine casualties and incidents public, Pilot project adds eCertificates to THETIS inspection database, Georgia latest country to join the EU LRIT Cooperation Data...

Seafarer Statistics in the EU - Statistical review (2017 data STCW-IS)


The statistical review presented in this report is based on data extracted from certificates and endorsements registered by EU Member States until 31 December 2017 and recorded in the STCW...

Newsletter August 2019


In this issue: Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visits EMSA; EMSA meets with partner agency in Vigo to discuss areas of cooperation; France's Secretary of State for EU Affairs...

EMSA Facts & Figures 2018


The EMSA Facts and Figures 2018 publication is a shortened account of the Consolidated Annual Activity Report which details how EMSA has implemented the annual tasks set out in the...

Supporting pollution preparedness and response in Croatia


In addition to the latest RPAS services, EMSA has made specialised marine pollution response equipment available to the Croatian authorities including a trawl net, and confinement and recovery system. Meanwhile...

EMSA RPAS drone service to boost maritime surveillance in Croatia


EMSA’s service of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) is now being used by the Croatian authorities to assist them in a range of coast guard related functions including vessel traffic...