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Marine Pollution Response Services [poster]


The European Maritime Safety Agency offers a range of services to help coastal States around Europe respond quickly, effectively and efficiently to marine pollution from ships and oil and gas installations. Save Save Save

Newsletter March 2018


In this issue: Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc addresses all EMSA staff; European Marine Casualty Information Platform revamped; Maritime Security Advisory Group and Committee meetings held in EMSA; EMSA’s RPAS on...

EMSA Outlook 2018


EMSA’s Outlook 2018 contains the concrete action and steps the Agency plans to take in 2018 to deliver on its multi-annual strategic objectives. It represents a condensed version of the...

Newsletter February 2018


In this issue: EMSA publishes guidance document on LNG bunkering for ports; Workshop offers Agency support to Member States as Flag States; EMSA on mission to Lebanon; Joint French-Portuguese delegation...

Guidance on LNG Bunkering to Port Authorities and Administrations


The guidance was prepared in close cooperation with the European Commission (DG MOVE), member states and industry within the context of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum. It aims to support...

Automatic Detection and Alert Triggering of Ship Behaviour [leaflet]


The MAR-CIS information sheets provide in a concise way substance-specific and maritime relevant information on chemicals aimingto assist the competent authorities during the initial stage of the response to maritime...